University of Missouri: Who are these students?

studentsLet us not be imprudent, the resignation of the University of Missouri’s President Tim Wolfe didn’t come about because the University suddenly became culturally sensitive, nor because they were concerned about the well-being of a black student who began a starvation protest, nor because the students demanded to be treated with a sense of humanity. The swift, or relatively swift change, came about because 30 of 58 African American students unified, and agreed not to suit up for the Brigham Young University (BYU) game until the President was ousted. The football team leveraged the fact that many Division 1 school’s academic programs are funded by the athletic program. The revenue of NCAA football teams rivals that of pro sports. Clearly the President’s resignation was a business decision.

So here is the math….(now former) President Tim Wolfe makes $459,000 a year and Division 1 school- University of Missouri would have to forfeit $1 million just for missing the game against BYU.

The math is easy, yet the social conditions are more complicated. Racial tensions had been brewing on campus for months. As reported by the New York Times (November 2015), “a swastika appeared overnight, drawn with human feces on college dorm’s brand new white wall” and in 2010, “two white students scattered white cotton balls in front of a Black Culture Center during Black History Month were allowed to plead guilty to littering”. These examples only highlight some of their experiences on campus and demonstrate a culture of institutional racism. The resignation of the President is a good first step, but there are others in the cabinet that should tender their resignation as well. Beyond the disgraceful management of the University, the prevalent questions that no one seems to be asking is who are these students that he/she believes that it is appropriate to publish swastika’s and scatter cotton balls? Are these the young scholars whom we are preparing to lead our businesses and government agencies, run for elected office and contribute to think tanks? To add insult to injury, the University’s Administration expects parents and students to pay a tuition of over 25K to be disrespected.

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