“Dr. Lewis is a very professional, knowledgeable and detail oriented leader with exceptional human relations skills. His expertise in working with several nonprofit organizations greatly impacted their successes. Dr. Lewis is well respected for his ability to transform organizations by designing strategic planning and implementation processes, creating marketing strategies, and providing evaluation assistance. His collaborative and participatory management style enables him to generate enthusiasm for organizations to thrive with institutional cohesiveness.”
Brenda Coleman, Dekalb County Schools Educator
“From his lobby efforts in Washington to advance the cause, to the integrity needed to face tough budget and accountability issues among staff and volunteers around the nation I saw Rustin provide amazing solutions to many supremely complex problems on the spot. He has this rare ability to slice through prodigious amounts of research and design the needed organizational architecture to provide knowledgeable options.”
Tracy Gray, Principal and President of Gray & Associates, Inc.
“Rustin is a leader most aspire to be; he is visionary, forward thinker, highly intelligent, inspiring and most of all he was dedicated to the job he did. Rustin is highly respected and well networked in the business community and willing to help anyone anytime he can.”
Mahlet Getachew, Community Leader and Former Employee

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