guiltyGUILTY!  Within the last year, former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, Trenton’s Tony F. Mack and Illinois Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr., have publicly fallen from grace.  Nagin, Mack and Jackson recentlymade national news for being convicted of crimes that range from bribery to larceny.  These once renowned, brilliant and emerging political stars have ended what could have been a meaningful life-long political career.  Instead they chose greed, glitter and the pursuit of their own self-interests. 

After the verdict was read, photos taken outside of the courthouses showed men who regretted their choices, and even more so regretted that for them justice was served. No matter how deplorable the deed, one can only assume that all three men had good intentions at the beginning of their political journeys, and began to establish policies in the interest of the greater good of OTHERS!

For some, there is a tendency to group all Black elected officials. The fact of the matter is that the corrupt- elected officials garnish a lot of national media, while the honest and fully capable officials do their jobs and go unsung.  And so, we recognize the commitment and unwavering faithfulness of our Black elected public servants. 

***The following cities have minority populations over 50%.


East Orange, NJ  

Mayor Robert Bowser



Gary, IN Karen Freeman-Wilson



Irvington, NJ  Wayne Smith



Detroit, MI   Dave Bing



Jackson, MS  Frank Melton



Miami Gardens, FL  Shirley Gibson



Pine Bluff, AR  Carl Redus



Birmingham, AL   William A. Bell, Sr.



Albany, GA   Willie Adams, Jr.



Southfield, MI  Brenda Lawrence



Monroe, LA  James Mayo



Baltimore, MD  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake



Mt. Vernon, NY  Clinton Young



Memphis, TN  A C Wharton, Jr.



Wilmington, DE   James M. Baker



Savannah, GA  Otis S. Johnson



Shreveport, LA   Cedric B. Glover



Baton Rouge, LA Melvin “Kip” Holden



Atlanta, GA   Kasim Reed



Cleveland, OH  Frank Jackson



Portsmouth, VA  Kenneth Irvin Wright



Newark, NJ   Luis Quintana


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