Dr. Lewis is a much sought after speaker and trainer. His easy-going delivery captures audiences of all sizes. The information he provides keeps them riveted. From University classrooms to corporate boardrooms, Dr. Lewis always leaves his audiences better off than when he arrived.


Adjunct professor, Nonprofit Human Resources


Adjunct professor and Lecturer, Negotiation Skills and Nonprofit Management


Adjunct professor, Introduction to Nonprofit Organization

Training Topics

While Dr. Lewis can develop and deliver trainings and workshops in all areas of nonprofit management, his favorite topics include:

Being a young person is difficult in today’s society. There are more external influences and internal pressure placed on children of all ages. The lack of organized youth activities in poor neighborhoods, the rise of single-parent families and families with two working parents have all reduced the number of adult role models. Youth mentoring programs exist to provide these role models and help a child develop socially and emotionally. Dr. Lewis has an intimate understanding of developing, growing and managing mentoring programs that impact (1) academic achievement and engagement; (2) interpersonal relationships and personal responsibility; and (3) high-risk or delinquent behavior. Dr. Lewis conducts keynotes, trainings and workshops that help your organization assess the viability of introducing a mentoring program, develop a successful mentoring program or troubleshoot an existing one.

Dr. Lewis has hands-on expertise in leading nonprofits through times of change – be they leadership changes; financial challenges; operational redesign or new directions in programming. These executive-level workshops “train the trainer” to mobilize their internal organizations, volunteers and external partners to work to meet an organization’s goals.

In today’s difficult economy, a nonprofit’s ability to identify and develop more effective ways of operating often makes the difference in their ability to meet or miss their mission. Dr. Lewis guides nonprofit organizations to review its entire internal and external structure in their efforts to improve, build and enhance their organizational capacity so that it can embrace innovative solutions to long-term sustainability.These programs are delivered as workshops, keynote addresses, small group facilitated discussions and/or strategic planning sessions.

Speaking/Training Clients
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